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Identity Thief
a novel by  J.P. Bloch
Interviewing: The Five Questions You Need to Know
by Ellis Chase  (Coming soon.)
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Man from the Sky
a novella by Danny Wynn
"At the end of this eBook, you will not only come away with practical advice
from a master, but you'll realize networking should be something you do all
the time . . ."
R. Steir
“Conjuring shades of Steinbeck’s meditations on nature, this
enjoyable, pleasant yarn passes like the cool summer breezes
described within its pages.”--
Kirkus Reviews
The Clear  Blue Line
a novel by  Al Sprague
Bacon Press Books is very pleased to announce
In Search of the Fun-Forever Job by Ellis Chase is
a winner of the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award for Business Books.
"This comprehensive handbook provides us with the tools to manage
our own careers, covering everything from networking to successful
salary negotiations."
As published in the US Review of Books
"Author Judith Podell looks at the world just a little bit differently than
the rest of us and the view is spectacular.
Blues For Beginners is
funny and provocative; and the writing is so smart; so beautifully
sophisticated. This is the book you won't be able to put down until the
very last page, and then, I promise you that you will be looking for one
more chapter. More! More! More!
"Each story is a minor masterpiece of the writer's craft. The totality of this
outstanding collection, while thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end, is
also thoughtful and thought-provoking and while works of fiction, resonate with
real life experiences of us all.
The Man Who Built Boxes And Other Stories is
highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library
Midwest Book Review
Forget about all that long-winded advice on how to prepare for an
interview. Ellis Chase, one of Manhattan's top career consultants, has put
it all together for you in a short, practical, enjoyable read.
“JP Bloch’s Identity Thief careens through a spiraling labyrinth of stolen
identities reminding one of Churchill’s riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an
enigma. After his identity is stolen, Dr. Jesse Falcon goes from the frying pan,
into the fire, into the endless quicksand of identity theft, until you just want to
ask, as they did on the old TV show, ‘Will the real Jesse Falcon please stand
up?’ But like Bloch says, the real identity thief is life itself. Identity Thief is an
audacious and cleverly plotted, intriguing mystery that opens up new layers of
deceit at every turn, like an endless trove of Russian nesting boxes, with one
surprising twist after another. Definitely looking forward to his next.”
                 Paul D. Marks, Shamus award-winning author, White Heat
“For a rollicking good time, tag along with Jack Savage and his fearless, hard-
drinking spearfishing buddies, whose language is saltier than the sea in which
they dive. Al Sprague serves up all the action, romance, and escapist adventure
anyone could ask for!”
—Paul J. Mila, author of Dangerous Waters and Near Miss    
Award Winner . . .
Now available In paperback and ebook.